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Alma Baste

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I’ve been climbing for almost six years now and while I wish I was living out of my wonderful Honda Fit, Edna, I am a barista, youth climbing coach, University student, avid weekend warrior, and amateur photographer with a decent camera. I have traveled all over the united states, but keep coming back to my southeastern roots. I am currently studying creative writing and public policy with the intent of doing whatever I can to help protect our country’s wild places. Have questions? Want to partner on a project? Shoot me an email at

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Contributing Authors


Olivia Celeste

After my sophomore year of college I decided to take a step back from academia to travel around Latin America. The idea was to take a gap year and go back to Philadelphia refocused with a new found clarity to finish my degree. Thats coming up on 4 years ago now and while I never gained that clarity or finished my degree I have discovered an even greater passion of mine; travel. Travel has taken me all over the world and I am lucky to have lived in places such as Costa Rica, Italy, Australia and currently call Hatteras Island my home. I’ve traveled to Panama, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Indonesia and New Zealand. Most recently I drove across the United States from Maryland to California and from there flew to Hawaii to explore for a couple of weeks. I have a sort of “don’t knock it till you try it” view on life and have tried everything from climbing to surfing to skydiving and everything in between. Find me a new exciting adventure, and I’m in.