October 30th

That used to be a very important date. I would plan for it months in advance, asking time off from work, planning out trips or special things to do. To me, it was a very important date- and not because of Halloween.

I am an extraordinarily sentimental person. I have keepsakes from all over the world scattered throughout my room and car. There is a little blue dinosaur in the back of Edna from a kid I coached in Utah, it was a birthday gift. In my room, there is a jar of sea glass from California near where my grandparents used to live. A friend and I once joked about getting me a jar of dirt from Indian Creek so I could always have the creek with me, and I probably will do that the next time I’m out there. I imbue dates and places with meaning. Indian Creek is where I fell in love with Utah. Houses are my favorite object to write short stories about because creating homes is fascinating to me- it’s all about giving something meaning. I love birthdays and anniversaries. October 30th was an anniversary.

Second trip to the Creek.

I met my ex on October 30th and shared with him my love for bad horror films-introducing him over our four years to the visual masterpieces that are Troll 2, Bubbahotep, and Dead Alive.  I never bothered trying to remember an actual date for when we started dating because, in all honesty, I could never tell and he never seemed to fully make up his mind about what we were. I held onto that date with the idea that no matter what, we would always be friends, we would look out for each other. I thought it would be the glue that kept us together. When we broke up I gave him back everything he had given me- all the keepsakes (of which there were few), our photos, clothes, and the sheets that were on my bed that night.

This year, after coming back from Utah I scheduled an appointment to get tattooed. It is my final tattoo in the South East (for a while at least), and a tribute to what I think of when I think of my first home. I am getting it done on October 30th. I didn’t plan it that way intentionally, and only remembered the significance of that date at the beginning of the month. October 30th is an important date- at 12:30 I will get a tattoo saying goodbye to one of my many homes.

My favorite climbing community.

I am a big sentimental marshmallow. I take photos because I like to hold onto memories. I’ve heard people say that photos only capture so much. I have some photos though, that reminds me so strongly of moments that I have captured that I feel like I’m there- staring into someone’s eyes, sharing a laugh, capturing a moment of elation after a send, staring at the night sky on one of my favorite trips while drinking a margarita.


Jamie Lynn sitting and laughing on the top out of Hammer Head, HP40.

October 30th is a date. It has a reminder in my calendar for it. It was and is only important to me. And maybe my tattoo artist who is getting paid tomorrow. And everyone else who is only excited for Halloween the next day.

Utah moon.

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